There’s something to love about every cocktail season, but autumn drinks hold an extra special place in my heart. Fall vibes are the undeniable best, with those first brisk evenings in September signalling the cozy months to come. The autumn ambiance pairs magically with complex spirits, mulled syrups and late harvest fruits. Not to mention all the garnish possibilities. Fresh grated nutmeg is a definite favorite.

The Orb

With every change in season, comes a well-earned trip to the liquor store. Somewhere inside are the perfect bottles to fit the new mood. My strategy is to stock up on seasonally appropriate base booze, add a few fall staples and choose one lesser-explored spirit to focus on in the coming months. This time around its Bénédictine.

(Spoiler alert: despite the charming story you may have heard, Bénédictine was not invented or manufactured by monks).

Inspired by a recipe for herbal medicine found in an ancient french religious document, Bénédictine is aromatic and quite sweet. It’s not unlike a light amaro, beautiful all on its own or as a surprising cocktail element that eliminates the need for simple syrup.

The BBW cocktail

Aside from the Bénédictine, I picked up a bottle of Pimento Dram — essential for adding that classic fall spice to any cocktail, a couple bottles of spiced rum (one light, one dark), Cherry Heering, Creme de Cacoa and some port wine. 

I’m very excited to share the results — our very first Zutrinken autumn cocktail menu. 🥂 We’ll be releasing a new recipe each week, so stay tuned on our drinks page. We’ve got fresh transitions out of summer, spirit-forward, bitter, spicy, sweet, and even a couple of homemade syrups and infusions to make your cocktails extra special.

Autumn 5 Spice Syrup

Look forward to something fresh every week. And of course, join us on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest to stay current on all our new recipes.