A classic negroni is a perfectly balanced trifecta of herbal, sweet and bitter. While it hardly needs any tinkering, we’ve made a few magical upgrades. As the name suggests, we’ve added some fresh squeezed juice from blood oranges. The ones we used were the first batch of the season and not the bloodiest of blood oranges, but the flavor was still on point.

Slightly bloody oranges

Standing in for sweet vermouth is cream sherry. This decadent relative of vermouth is one of our go-to cocktail ingredients. It adds a wonderful sweetness and depth of flavor. If you’ve never tried it, pick up a bottle next time you’re in the market for sweet vermouth. You wont be disappointed.

The last special touch is a couple dashes of chocolate bitters, which add a dark, wintery contrast to the fresh blood orange juice.



  1. Stir all ingredients vigorously on lots of ice
  2. It should take about 40 seconds
  3. Taste test your drink and make sure all booze harshness is gone
  4. Strain over a fresh ice block
  5. Garnish with a blood orange slice

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