All Photos by Lisa Swarna Khanna

Some years ago when I was still working in a bar with my good friend Lisa, our mutual good friend Rick was coming by to meet our mutual friend Noah and yet some more mutual friends who were visiting from Seattle. Crazy how a common interest in good music can lead to a crew from Australia, the US, the UK and Canada all coming together on one night in Berlin.

Rick doesn’t like a lot of sugar in his drinks and had requested that we make the nightly special something that wasn’t too sweet. Since it was spring time and there were tons of beautiful raspberries around, that was the obvious starting point.

In a busy bar on a weekend, it’s nice to have a simple special that you build directly in the glass with no shaking. We just muddled a few raspberries at the bottom, poured in some campari and gin, and topped it with ginger ale. So easy and so delicious.

We’ve been on a little hiatus here at Zutrinken due to searching for, and then starting a new job in the past months. This drink is kind of the perfect first drink back — uncomplicated and very photogenic.

The Lisa I mentioned earlier took all the gorgeous photos in this post. Stay tuned for more recipes from our recent nights of tipsy menu concepting and photo sessions.



  1. Muddle raspberries in the glass
  2. Add Campari and gin
  3. Top with crushed ice and ginger ale
  4. Add a raspberry garnish

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