Norma Jennings cocktail on a table, with limes, amarena cherries in a glass container and a plant

This cocktail is perfect for fall get togethers. It’s a simple variation on a classic whiskey sour with some autumn inspired flavors. This version uses Cherry Heering and a spoon of smoky Laphroaig to pull the vibe fully into October.

Norma Jennings cocktail on a table with bottle of Laphroaig, Cherry Heering and amarena cherries in a glass container

You can go heavier on the Laphroaig if you want a more intense smoke flavor, but here we’ve kept it to a careful spoonful not to overpower the more subtle Cherry Heering.

A little bit of simple syrup takes the edge off the lime juice and helps keeps things balanced. If you have a nice jar of amarena cherries in syrup, use the cherry syrup instead to intesify the fruity flavor. The end result is familiar enough to be a crowd pleaser, but special enough to make people ask what’s inside.

Norma Jennings cocktail, close up, from top with amarena cherry and lime peel garnish



  1. Shake all ingredients vigorously over ice
  2. Strain over ice cubes
  3. Garnish with an amarena cherry and lime

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