A cocktail in a stem glass with a foamy top and orange peel and rosemary garnish

After an indulgent and elaborate Thanksgiving for two, I wanted to deliver a simple drink this week. I figured we could all use a break from homemade concoctions and the dirty dishes they generate. The O Honey Bear has a straight forward recipe with zero special ingredients, not even simple syrup.

The bitter orange Cointreau combines beautifully with the intense honey flavor of Bärenjäger. Unfiltered apple juice and Peychaud’s bitters add some tart and spiced counterbalance. I’ve used Fee Foam for a velvety texture, but you can absolutely skip this step. Just take it easy and enjoy your cocktail, honey bear.

An overhead shot of a cocktail glass on a black background with an orange peel and rosemary sprig garnish



  1. Shake fast and hard and for an extra long time on ice
  2. Double strain into a fancy glass
  3. Express an orange peel over the glass and rub around the edges
  4. Garnish with an orange peel and rosemary sprig

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